Solutions for granting and collection

  • Software editor of Blitz Collection.
  • Real-time subscription and granting process integrator.
  • Consulting company in data science and machine learning applied to granting and collection.


Blitz Collection is an integrated collection management solution.

Portfolio management

Management of cases, debtors and third parties

Management of payments and payment plans

Management of SMS, email, mail and VMS

Management of strategies and calendars

Management of invoicing and repayments

Debtor portal and creditor portal


Blitz is an online and real-time subscription process integrator

Aggregation of external information

Aggregate the information available about your prospect as you go along.

Risk calculation

Calculate the risk of non-payment or abandonment in real time using an AI model based on your data.

Accord automatique

Create different granting or refusal scenarios based on calculated risks.

Contract signing

Automatically generate your contract and have it signed online.

Integration with your CRM

Transfer the collected data to your CRM.

Performance tracking

Track metrics like grant rate and abandonment rate.

Blitz offers a complete service

  • Specifications, UX/UI.
  • IT development
  • Hosting
  • Operational monitoring and support
  • Application maintenance

Consulting and studies

Blitz's data science and machine learning team develops specialized AI models for granting and collection issues..

Real-time risk estimation
Pricing of debts portfolio
Economic analysis
Automatic orientation of collection flows
Continuous scoring of debt stock
Optimal strategy

Every client is an adventure

Blitz, a committed company

Blitz is a member of The Shift Project

The models developed by Blitz use machine learning technologies. They learn from the past to predict the future. Although they are very useful, they are not sufficient because the future will not resemble the past. As a member of the Shift Project, Blitz participates in reflection on the conditions for adapting our economy and our society to the environmental and energy constraints.